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CuraStage is the brokerage agency with the best service located on Curaçao. With our years of experience we are the right party to help you find a nice vacancy for your internship or work on Curacao.

Also for you transportationhousing mandatory work or internship permit for Curaçao you have come to the right place. 

Of a fun and educational job to a local SIM card, at CuraStage it all becomes good for you taking care off!

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We are a professional company that knows how important it is that the departure and your stay on Curaçao must be arranged properly.

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Nothing is as important as good communication and you can assume that you will receive a response from us within 24 hours.

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Questions & answers about Internship on Curaçao

This depends on the purpose of your stay on Curaçao.

If you go do an internship then you get a Legal Statement based on the duration of your internship agreement.

Do you go working or volunteer work If you do so, you will receive a work permit (the so-called VRW) for the period of your employment contract and you can therefore stay longer on Curaçao.

In principle you do not have to deregister and when you do an internship this is certainly not handy! Whether you have to unsubscribe depends on various factors:

  • Are you going to do an internship, work or volunteer for less than 8 months? Then you don't have to unsubscribe.
  • Are you staying longer than 8 months? Then you will have to deregister from the Netherlands. After 8 months, the Netherlands also does this automatically only then you are no longer insured for your health insurance

So it is always handy to find out which situation applies to you.

Yes, life on Curaçao is a lot more expensive than in Europe. This has to do with the fact that all goods arrive by plane or ships here on the island. Import duties have to be paid on these goods, so that the price is already higher.

Not only the prices are higher but the biggest problem is that the wages are lower so that people have less to spend.

Gasoline, on the other hand, is a lot cheaper!

Did you know that water and electricity are about 10 times more expensive in the Netherlands? So be extra careful with water and electricity.

View the article about “Cost of living on Curaçao

Using your own SIM card on the island is hopi duration. So when you stay on Curaçao for a longer period of time (more than a month), we always advise to use a local SIM card!

Keep in mind that you cannot buy a SIM card anywhere at the supermarket like in Europe, here you have to go to a special store and draw a number and wait until it is your turn. We also have this as an extra service with our packages so that you can immediately use a local SIM card, which is very handy.

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