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Who is CuraStage?

How nice that you are on our website! Nothing is so nice to prepare yourself or to search for information about dushi Curaçao and what is possible for you.

We at CuraStage are a passionate company that really enjoys working with young people and being able to do something for you.

Who are the brain teasers behind CuraStage?

Roel van Distel

Roel van Distel

Account manager
Management / Administration
Marlon Coprac

Marlon Coprac

Account manager
& Vacature scout

Tamara Verbruggen

Account manager
& Recruiter
Marrit Terpstra CuraStage

Marrit Terpstra

Account manager
& Marketing
Anouk CuraStage

Anouk Boers

Account manager
elske CuraStage

Elske Ruijter

Account manager

Lucien Dorothea

All-rounder, Auto Mechanic
& Chauffeur

Everything well arranged on Curaçao

Nothing is more annoying than reluctantly going to your internship or work or that you still forgot to arrange some things upon arrival.

We want to prevent this and that is how the idea of ​​CuraStage came into existence!

We guide you from A to Z and can help you with everything during preparation. In addition, we find personal contact of great importance because we can then properly map out what you would like to do here on Curaçao and what you expect from it.

Based on your wishes, we can then find a suitable vacancy for you. This way you can prevent disappointments.

Why choose CuraStage?


We are a professional company that knows how important it is that the departure and your stay on Curaçao must be arranged properly.

Big network

We have an incredibly wide network and can arrange a nice internship and workplace for almost everyone.


Nothing is as important as good communication and you can assume that you will receive a response from us within 24 hours.


We do not cover hidden costs because we think it is important that you know where you stand.


We have been working with young people for a long time, which means we can respond perfectly to your needs.


We are always there for you and we love having fun. We are happy to share this fiber with you!

Are you looking for a nice internship or workplace? Then don't wait any longer and sign up for the best job! Who knows, we might talk to each other quickly via Skype and we have a nice welcome party on the island.

Do you also want us to help you?

Let’s go for it and register immediately for free so that we can get started for you!

When registering, you can immediately choose which package you want so that we can offer targeted assistance.
Do you want to know more about what our help looks like?

We have made a standard procedure so that you know exactly where you stand.


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