Why do an internship on Curaçao? 5 (14)

Why do an internship on Curacao

Everyone wants to have a unique experience and an unforgettable time! But there are of course many more reasons why it is useful to do an internship on Curaçao. You broaden your horizons and taste new cultures. In addition, with an internship abroad you are one step ahead of other applicants who do not […]

Amstel Bright beer 5 (2)

Amstel Bright beer

We can hear you thinking, a blog about beer? Yes, because this is a topic that it is very useful to know more about. When you have taken this knowledge, you can start conversations with people under the guise of a delicious Bright beer. What is Amstel Bright beer? An […]

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Driving on Curacao

A car is super handy to discover beautiful Curaçao! Because walking or cycling is unfortunately not very safe… Let alone at night. But luckily a car is easily arranged and you can hit the road in no time! There are just a few things (practically a whole laundry list) that you have to take into account […]

Supermarkets on Curaçao 3 (2)

Supermarkets on Curacao

When you go to Curaçao to do an internship or work, you also have to do your own shopping. Of course you have supermarkets on Curaçao and we have quite a lot of supermarkets where you can buy delicious products. These products mainly come from America, the Netherlands and Venezuela. In short, the choice is also huge here. Curaçao has […]

Taxis Curacao 5 (2)

Taxi on curacao

If you want to go out on Curaçao and have a drink with it, it is always useful to think about a bob or a taxi in advance. Fortunately, there are many taxis that run in the evening and at night to pick up you and your friends. Keep in mind a […]

Public transport on Curaçao 5 (1)

Public transport on Curacao

Well, not everyone who comes to do an internship or work in Curaçao has a driver's license and that in itself is not a problem. However, you should keep in mind that public transport at your home is probably much better organized than here on Curaçao. This is also the reason that most students and […]

Student finance during your internship on Curaçao 5 (2)

Student finance internship in curacao

The moment you choose to do an internship or work in Curaçao for a few months, you will have to be aware of the costs. It is not cheap to arrange everything and of course daily life here also entails costs. To give a good estimate of […]

Online ED Card Curaçao 3.8 (4)

ED Card curacao

ONLINE ED CARD In addition to applying for a Legal Statement, you must also complete the so-called Online ED Card. In this blog we explain what it means, why you should fill it in and where you can fill it in. We can already inform you that it is super important to do and […]

Help! Homesickness on Curaçao 5 (1)

Homesickness on Curacao

You may not be able to imagine it in advance, but it can happen that you get homesick at some point during your stay on Curaçao. There is of course nothing wrong with this, but it is very annoying for yourself. One is of course more sensitive to it than the other, but with the tips below […]

Carnival on Curaçao 4.5 (2)

Carnival on Curacao

This spring it's time again for the biggest folk festival on the island, Carnival! With the most beautiful floats, colorful themed costumes and the traditional tumba, it is a unique folk festival. This festival attracts thousands of visitors every year. So you have to experience this! The celebration is ushered in by the competitions of the Prince, the Pancho and the […]