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5 best restaurants on Curacao

5 best restaurants Curacao

During your stay you will of course sometimes want to eat out because cooking every day will also be boring. Fortunately, you can go completely loose in Curaçao in terms of the number of nice restaurants and trendy tents. You can very well grab a breakfast or a lunch and dinner on Curaçao. We have selected the five best restaurants on Curaçao for you that we think you should have been during your internship or work period! 

1- Character 

Yes, the name says it all, the perfect location if you have a hangover. character lies towards the West so you are driving from punda for half an hour to 45 minutes, but it is really worth it! Karakter is located on a beautiful luxury resort where you can find the largest villas. You can eat by character on "inside" or on the beach and both locations are worth it. The service is good and your food is served fairly quickly so you can go here even with hunger. You can choose from a nice tapas menu or you choose a complete meal. It is a luxury tent but next to the restaurant you can lie on a comfortable bed and cool off in the sea. 

2- The Governor

You will find the restaurant in a beautiful building in Willemstad, in Otrabanda named The Governor. You can eat inside here in the red-colored colonial building, on the balcony overlooking the colorful houses of Willemstad or you look for a place in the inner garden that is adorned by a beautiful fountain. The service is good and you have happy hours so it doesn't get better! You also have a green egg here on which the tastiest meat dishes are prepared. 

3- Come 

In the trendy Pietermaai district in Willemstad you will find countless nice hotels and restaurants. Already at the door it is nice at come, because both the interior and the exterior look great. The menu is varied, with both international dishes and more local ingredients, all with a twist. Reserve the Chef’s Table for a peek into the open kitchen. The desserts are made by an American pastry chef and seem to be incredibly tasty. Oh and you can also sit here in the air conditioning! 

4- Mosa

Okay, fair is fair, you have to bring a few cents for this place because it is not the cheapest restaurant on Curaçao. But this makes Mosa no less fun, because the delicious cocktails (very special cocktails) can be enjoyed here at Sharing dinner. You can choose various dishes from the menu and if you are with a group you can simply order the whole menu! 

5- Coconuts

Do you really want to feel that beach vibe and feel like having a nice meal during the day? Then you really have to go once to coconuts. In addition to the phenomenal view of the sea and the beach beds, you have a tent here. The menu is inspired by street food, but it is poured here in a luxurious way. You can also order the tastiest homemade juices and smoothies here. In short, you have to go here for a wonderfully relaxing day! 

Do you also want to enjoy a delicious dinner on Curaçao? That is possible and for this it is of course important that you have a nice and appropriate vacancy so that you can visit these restaurants for a longer time! Register with us for free and we will go for that perfect vacancy for you.

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