5 reasons volunteering on Curaçao

5 reasons for volunteering on Curacao

Do you have a gap year or have you finished your studies and would you like to mean something to Curaçao? How good to hear! On Curaçao there are many options for volunteering. You can, for example, work with animals or people. Curaçao is a sunny island but unfortunately you also see more poverty here and these people can really use your help! We have collected five important reasons why you should really do volunteer work on Curaçao. 

1- Curaçao can really use your help. 

You cannot compare Curaçao with the Netherlands when it comes to a social safety net. You do not have a social assistance benefit here that you can use to pay for a house, etc. Here it comes down to your fellow man and that is what makes Curaçao so beautiful and pleasant. People who are ready for each other and with helping a family to collect clothes make up for their day completely. Doing volunteer work on Curaçao does not have to be a financial gift, but think of helping in housekeeping or supporting fun neighborhood activities. You can expect a lot in appreciation and love from the population. 

2- It is good for your own development. 

You may not learn much from volunteering in terms of theory, but you will develop yourself to the max. You will learn how to interact with other people and you can also view life from a different perspective. Volunteers doing work on Curaçao demands a lot from you. A piece of empathy but also the obligation not to take everything home. You ask a lot of yourself what you will carry with you for the rest of your life. 

3- To gain work experience.

During or after your studies you gain work experience by doing volunteer work on Curaçao in your own field of study or you gain experience that adds something extra to your studies (for example management experience). This gives you an edge over others who can provide the same papers but have no work experience.

4- To change the world.

As a volunteer you are the change that you want to see in the world. Together with a handful of friends or like-minded, you can set up initiatives that make a difference. That gives an enormous amount of freedom: with a little imagination you can easily achieve endless things. 

5- Because volunteering on Curaçao is just fun!

Perhaps the most important reason is that it's just fun. There are so many places here where you can do volunteer work. Also think of the street animals that could really use your help. There are even feeding projects on Curaçao where volunteers feed stray dogs in different places on Curaçao. In this way you become one with the community but in the meantime you also help those lovely dogs that walk around here. Who knows, you might adopt a dog! 

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