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5 reasons why do an internship on Curaçao

Why do an internship on Curacao

Do you want to do an internship in the Netherlands or on Curaçao? That can of course be a difficult choice, but we do know the correct answer, namely doing an internship on Curaçao! Nothing is nicer than a few months away from the cold little country and enjoy a warm temperature every day. If this has not yet persuaded you, then we have five reasons why you should do an internship on Curaçao.

It is super good for your resume

When you can put on your resume that you have done an internship in Curaçao, you already have an edge on your competitors. You turn out to be an adventurer who doesn't shy away from a challenge. You want to learn and discover and those are positive qualities that an employer wants to have in his workplace. 

It is good for your own development

Being away from your own familiar environment for a while can be good for your own development. You learn to stand on your own two feet but also to make your own choices. You cannot fall back directly on your home front, but you will have to make decisions yourself. Sometimes this works out better than the next, but you learn from this. You become more confident and independent.

This is an experience that you will never forget

Later when you are older and ask people about the fun things you did during your studies, this is definitely one of them! Doing an internship on Curaçao is truly an experience that you will never forget. You meet new people and experience the most special and funny moments with them during your student days, how nice is that! Besides the fact that you come to Curaçao to do an internship, you also have enough time to party and relax on the beach. Your fellow students in the Netherlands certainly do not do this. 

Discover the Netherlands in a different climatet

Curaçao still belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands and you can still see influences from the Netherlands everywhere on the island. Curaçao also has a rich history in which Dutch people played a major role. You actually do an internship in a tropical Netherlands, we think nothing is wrong with that!

You have "hopi" (many) fellow students

Curaçao is a popular country for internships and you will experience this when you are here. This also makes it extra fun because you will always find peers with whom you can do fun things. We therefore always advise you to stay during your internship on Curaçao in a student villa where you have several roommates, so that you get to know new people immediately! We have a number of housing in our portfolio where you are assured of nice roommates around you.

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