Amstel Bright beer

Amstel Bright beer

We already hear you thinking, a blog about beer? Yes, because this is a topic that it is very useful to know more about. Once you have acquired this knowledge, you can start conversations with people under the guise of a delicious Bright beer.

What is Amstel Bright beer?

One of the most popular drinks on Curaçao is a Brightje. This is a delicious summery and fresh beer that provides cooling. Due to its beautiful and light appearance, it immediately stands out and you immediately become happy. Don't like beer? Don't panic, because even beer lovers don't like Amstel Bright beer. It doesn't have that characteristic bitter taste, nor does it smell like beer.

Where does Amstel Bright beer come from?

This beer is often drunk on Curaçao and that is not without reason, because Amstel Bright simply comes from Curaçao! In 1959 a factory was opened on the island where in the beginning only Amstel was brewed. In 1961 non-alcoholic beer was also brewed, called Malta Amstel.

At the end of the nineties they were not finished with coming up with new beers because our great friend Amster Bright beer arrived! The beer was introduced in 1999 and you could buy it on Curaçao.

In addition to Curaçao, it is also used in Aruba, Bonaire, Bermuda, Sint Maarten and the Cayman Islands. So if you take a trip to the neighboring islands during your internship on Curaçao, you can also order a Brightje there!

Is it still brewed on Curaçao?

No Unfortunately. You cannot book a trip on Curaçao to a beer factory to taste. The brewery went bankrupt in 2006 and the brewery was demolished in 2010. Heineken has taken over and the brewery has moved to the Netherlands. The beer is therefore imported from the Netherlands. But don't worry, the taste remains the same!

Do you also want to taste an Amstel Bright beer on Curaçao? Then register for free so that we can arrange a nice internship for you. You can then enjoy a Brightje on a tropical island, who wouldn't want that!

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