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Climbing the Christoffelberg

Climbing the Christoffelberg

Do you want an active trip on Curaçao! Then climb the famous Christoffelberg!

Who or what is the Christoffelberg?

Officially, the mountain has the Sint-Christiffelberg and this is named after St Christopher. The mountain has a height of 372 meters and is immediately the largest mountain in Curaçao. When you are on top of the mountain you of course have a view of the whole of Curaçao but also of the surrounding islands. Reason enough to take a look at the mountain. The mountain is located in the Christoffel Park in the northwest of Curaçao.

The climb to the top!

You can climb the Christoffelberg every day because the park is open every day from 6:00 AM to 2 PM. If you are going to do the climb, we recommend starting immediately at 6 o'clock because the heat can still be seen during this climb. It takes about 1.5 hours! So take enough water with you.

If you enter the Christoffel Park, you can go to the reception and pay an entrance fee of 25 ANG per person (for current prices) check here. At the reception you may also receive a map with how to walk, but when you stand at the foot of the mountain, this already shows itself.

The start of the Christoffelberg is easy to do and you can easily take a break if you wish. The last part is the spiciest part because it is very steep and you have to climb. Some people find the descent very difficult because your legs have already had to work hard. So take your rest moments so that it remains a nice experience!

Climbing Christoffelberg with rain?

A frequently asked question is whether you can climb this mountain when it rains or has rained. In principle this can only be dangerous when you have to climb the last part and climb over rocks. The rocks can make these rocks slippery and the last thing you want is to slip!

We always advise not to climb Christoffelberg in rainy weather. The big advantage is that the weather is often nice on Curaçao, so don't panic!

Climbing Christoffelberg without condition?

Well, why not? When you set off early in the morning, you basically have the entire morning to walk and climb. Nobody says you should have done it within 1 hour. So you can climb the Christoffelberg perfectly without condition. Of course keep in mind hopi a lot of muscle ache the days after!

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