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Do’s and Don’ts on Curaçao

Do's and Don'ts in Curacao

Doing an internship on Curaçao, who doesn't dream of that! We can understand it very well. Nice a few months doing an internship on Curaçao and enjoy the sun, sea and beach. To make your internship time in Curaçao as smooth as possible, we have a number of do’s and don’ts collected for you! 

DO: Enjoy Happy Hours on Curaçao!

Yes, you have them a lot here on Curaçao: the Happy Hours. We have made an overview of the best happy hours on the island and you should definitely visit them. During your internship on Curaçao you have enough time to visit them. Who knows, you might do an internship at a happy hour tent and you can serve your housemates.

DON'T: Arrange everything at the last minute

From the moment you know that you can do an internship in Curaçao it is imperative that you get started! Call in CuraStage and you don't have to do much, but start arranging your internship on time. Nothing is more annoying than being late and missing out on this unique opportunity. Everything is slower on Curaçao than in other countries. You may think: "that will be better than expected". Well, we can say for sure that it is not easy. Where you think it can be arranged online, it is not possible. So you go doing an internship on Curaçao? Hopi nice, but engage us in time so that we can arrange everything. 

DO: Always apply sunscreen

In the Netherlands you can sometimes sit in the sun for a few hours without burning. On Curaçao, it works slightly differently. The sun is much stubborn here and you will literally get blisters on your skin if you have sat in the sun for too long without protection. And don't forget, the sun shines on Curaçao every day! 

DON'T: Don't go out alone in the evening

We often get the question whether an internship on Curaçao is safe. Yes, it certainly is but we recommend never to go out alone in the evening. You do not know what kind of audience you will encounter and you are just a lot more vulnerable. Get out and about with your housemates and make it a beautiful evening. We always say: Together out, Together at home! 

DO: Fuikdag and North Sea Jazz on Curaçao!

In January you always have Fuikdag and this is really a super cool party. You sail with a boat to "Fuik" and there is music all day and everyone floats on the sea. It's a cool experience! Are you seasick? Don't panic, you can take a Primatour and then you can go on partying again. In addition, you always have the North Sea Jazz festival on Curçao at the end of August. This is partying for three days but not just partying. This is where the greatest artists come to perform. Hop, go with that banana! 

DON'T: Do not expect hot showers

On Curaçao it is not standard that you have hot water. You can therefore assume that you are with your housing do not have hot water. This sounds worse than it is. Because the water pipes are largely above the ground, the water is therefore heated by the sun all day. If you shower in the afternoon or early evening, you have warm water and later in the evening lukewarm water. In short, you will survive!

DO: For a fun tour or beach equipment you go to Fun Curaçao

Because of course you have to bring a lot of things in your suitcase, we can give you the tip, you don't have to bring any beach stuff. You have on Curaçao Fun Curacao and they all rent out beach stuff for a good price. From snorkel sets to BBQs on the beach, you'll find it there! Do you want to do a nice tour during your internship on Curaçao about the island and discover hidden places? Then you can arrange this at Fun Curaçao because they do cheap tours on Curaçao. 

DON’T: Miss Happy Hours

Yes this is perhaps the most important because this will save you a lot of money and you will meet nice people. Doing an internship on Curaçao is of course a serious matter, but sometimes you also have to be able to relax. You can do this by visiting Happy Hours on Curaçao. You can then order cheap drinks with your housemates and have a nice evening. Missing a Happy Hour is really a DON’T! 

DO: Arrange your internship via CuraStage

One of the most obvious DOs, of course, is arranging your internship on Curaçao via Curastage. We ensure that you get on the plane carefree and that you have a nice suitable internship. We can arrange everything for you, but if you prefer to arrange things yourself, you can go for the Customized package. We have two packages and you can indicate what you want and we will get started for you. Sounds like a top deal, right !? 

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