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Fun activities on Curaçao

Activities on Curacao

Few months living and do an internship or working on Curaçao, who doesn't want this! Exactly, almost everyone. Only of course you have to have something to do these months. The advantage is that when you stay in a student house, you can immediately plan something fun with your housemates. Do you need inspiration from fun activities on Curaçao? We have collected some fun activities for you! 

Ostrich farm

The first fun activity on Curaçao is etching which may not immediately occur to you, but this is really super fun to have done once. You can book a tour here where you will be guided through the park in a kind of jeep (so you don't have to walk). The tour takes about 45 minutes and you will learn a lot about these special ostriches. You can also have a photo with the ostriches while you feed them! You can also book online the tickets for a safari tour. 

Klein Curacao

Another fun activity on Curaçao is by boat to Klein Curaçao. You may not have known it yet, but there is also an island next to Curaçao that is called Klein Curaçao! This is the mini version of Curaçao but then uninhabited. The entire island has a white beach and you will find an old lighthouse on it. Furthermore, it is fairly empty but the water around the island is really very blue and you have many turtles hopi! You can go there with various boat companies, but we have the best experience with All Boat Charters Curacao! Here you just get your private boat with captain and you can decide for yourself when you leave. This way you can rent this boat with all your friends and housemates and you are cheaper than when you go to Klein Curaçao with a large catamaran!

party bus

Do you like a party? Then you must definitely have done this activity on Curaçao. Take a ride on the party bus once. You can dance and go crazy on this bus. You only have to bring your own drink and you indicate which music you want. The bus driver ensures that the music is nice and loud and while dancing you can just enjoy the view! The party bus also runs in the evening. 

Climbing the Christoffelberg

This activity on Curaçao is highly recommended for the active ones among us. We have the Christoffel mountain on Curaçao and you can climb it. You spend about 1.5 hours on it, but you do have a phenomenal view of the whole of Curaçao and you also see other islands. This activity is only possible in the mornings so you have the rest of the day to recover. We have also collected all the information for you about climbing the Christoffelberg!

Tour with Fun Curaçao!

Do you really want to do a fun activity on the island? Then book one fun tour with Fun Curaçao. Here you can choose from different tours where you always see hidden places that you cannot see with a normal car. So you really go off-road and your day is completely fun with the tour guides. Curious about which tours you can book? Fun Curacao has an extensive range of tours! 

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