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Are you going to do an internship, work or volunteer in Curaçao soon? Super fun of course! Of course, things have to be arranged and one of the most important things is your insurance. In this article we will tell you what you need to arrange in terms of insurance for when you go to Curaçao.

Your health insurance

When you start working or volunteering on Curaçao, the first important question is for how long are you going to do this? If it is for less than eight months, you can remain registered in the Netherlands and retain your health insurance there. Make sure you choose a good travel insurance policy so that you are covered if you have to go to the doctor or specialist on Curaçao! But more about your travel insurance later.

If you are going to register on Curaçao, you will have to arrange your health insurance here. You can apply for and arrange for this at the SVB and your health insurance policy. This is also often done through your employer because he is also obliged to pay a percentage of your salary to the SVB for your health insurance.

Do you have an intermediate period of deregistering from the Netherlands and registering on Curaçao? Then take out private insurance! That way you are always covered for medical expenses. A good party for this is Uncle Insurance!

If you are going to do an internship on Curaçao then you will remain registered in the Netherlands and you will still be insured in the Netherlands. What is important is taking out a good travel insurance policy so that you can reclaim medical expenses from your travel insurance company! So take a good look at what you are covered by your health insurance policy and to what extent this applies to Curaçao. Do you want to take out additional insurance for your medical expenses? Then take a look at Insure to Study and JoHo Insurances!

Travel insurance for Curaçao

In addition to arranging good health insurance, travel insurance is also indispensable on Curaçao. Think of the case that your phone falls into the water or you drop your roommate's laptop. All these accidents may be covered by your travel insurance! In addition, many travel insurance policies also cover certain medical expenses, how chill is that!

When taking out travel insurance for Curaçao, it is very important that you look at the coverage for Curaçao, because many insurance policies cover many countries, but not Curaçao.

JoHo Insurances is also a good travel insurance party!

In short, come to Curaçao well prepared in terms of insurance 😉 Do you need help arranging a nice vacancy, housing and or transport? Great, we can arrange this for you. Sign up for free and we'll get to work for you!

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