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Internship on Curaçao dangerous?

Internship on Curaçao dangerous?

Unfortunately we sometimes hear annoying things happening on Curaçao with interns and you will undoubtedly hear that in the Netherlands. The question that we often receive from young people or parents is whether an internship on Curaçao is dangerous. The answer we immediately give is: "No, it's not dangerous." It is only how you behave as a trainee on Curaçao that partly determines how your time here on the island will go. 

Of course you always have situations or cases that you can't help but the most sad and extreme events often arise from unwanted situations. Think of quarrels that get out of hand, go with strangers or walk the streets in the evening after walking. These are of course situations in which you do not have to end up and which you are happy to control. 

Curacao is just as safe as a big city.

We always compare Curacao with a big city such as Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Here you also have neighborhoods where it is better not to go and here you also do not walk on the street alone at night. In addition, as a child you are told that you do not have to get in the car with strangers, why do you do that on Curaçao? 

We believe that an internship on Curaçao is safe and certainly not dangerous. Of course you also have less violent crime such as theft. This is of course also very annoying but this type of crime is manageable. We therefore recommend everyone by not putting things in sight and do not show off all your belongings. You are no longer that interesting for thieves. 

Do you want to do an internship safely on Curaçao?

Do you want to do an internship on Curaçao but you are in doubt about safety? We say stop doubting and come nice this way. An internship on Curaçao involves much more than worrying about crime. If you open the newspapers in the Netherlands, you will also read a lot about crime in the Netherlands. It is the same everywhere and you control 90% of the cases yourself. Do you want some safety tips during your internship in Curaçao? We have a blog useful tips written for you! 

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