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Is Curaçao safe?

Is Curacao safe?

If you come to Curaçao to do an internship or to work, then this question will probably come to mind. Is Curaçao safe to do an internship or to work? The answer we give to this question is: "Yes." And that is not because we want to attract young people to Curaçao, but because people often make a wrong assessment. 

We often hear: "But we do hear dangerous stories about Curaçao." Yes, that's certainly true, but have you ever read the newspaper in the Netherlands what kind of crime there is in the Netherlands. The reality is that crime has fallen sharply in recent years and that Curaçao is generally safer than most places in the world. Remember that thousands of interns come to Curaçao every year and 98% of these thousands of interns go home without having experienced anything bad. 

There are certain things that you should not do or should do, to prevent any unsafe situations, such situations are often created by inattentive behavior and good faith. In addition, do not forget that the Curaçao population knows that there are many Dutch trainees and they generally have more valuable items and are therefore a larger target. Fortunately, the houses are generally very well protected against burglary. We also only offer housing where something is being done about the safety of the students. The houses are walled and often have bars on the windows and doors. 

In order to safely spend your internship or work period on Curaçao as safely as possible, we do have a number of tips! 

1- Never go out alone in the evening. 

Only going out in the evening is actually asking for annoying attention. Moreover, we wonder why you would do this at all. The fact remains with a group you are less vulnerable and you are a lot less interesting. 

2- Do not seek a fight.

Do not forget that you are "a guest" on Curaçao and behave accordingly. Of course there may be a situation where you have a problem, but also remember that you really do not achieve anything with this. Just walk away from it and join nice people and make it a fun evening again. 

3- Do not browse around in certain neighborhoods. 

Just like in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, you have a few neighborhoods where you better not be. Not that something is happening here, but you can get annoying attention. The advantage is that you really have nothing to look for in these neighborhoods, so you have no reason to go there. So don't do this either. You want to stay safe on Curaçao, so don't look for the danger. 

4- Do not enter the car with strangers.

It sounds obvious, but there are situations where you still get in with a stranger. Maybe you were unable to fix a taxi and someone offers you a cheap ride to your accommodation. Do not do it! There will of course be new taxis again or you should call your accommodation manager for a possible solution. In the Netherlands, don't you just step in with a stranger?

5- Do not just take people to your accommodation.

It can of course happen that you meet a nice group of people while you go out and want to give an afterparty at your accommodation. Think carefully who you take with you. Everyone knows that there are precious things in a house. You are busy hosting the party but you cannot keep an eye on everyone. 

6- Keep valuables out of sight. 

To ensure safety on Curaçao it is useful not to leave valuable items in your car or in sight. Imagine that you no longer have any money, but that you see something valuable in a car that can save you money. A window has been done in no time and the offender really does not think about the costs you have for a new window or replacement of the precious good. 

7- Think logically.

We always say that Curaçao can be compared to a big city in the Netherlands. Of course things happen here on Curaçao that we would rather not see but you have this everywhere! So is Curaçao safe? Yes, we think so if you think logically. From childhood on, you will be informed in your upbringing of what is and what is not, and that is certainly no different here. 

Do you also want a great time on Curaçao? Go for example do an internship, working or volunteer work but have you not arranged everything yet? Then switch to CuraStage and we will get to work for you! 

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