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In addition to applying for a Verklaring van Rechtswege, you must also complete the so-called Online ED Card. In this blog we explain what it means, why you have to enter it and where you can enter it. We can already tell you that it is super important to do and this makes it easier for you to get through customs. 

What is the Online ED Card

The ED card stands for "the Embarkation and Disembarkation card". This must be completed by you prior to the flight. On the basis of the ED card and passport, the Curaçao immigration service checks whether you are welcome on the island. Don't worry, because when you come here to do an internship, work or volunteer, you are of course welcome if you have arranged everything properly. 

Who must fill in the Online ED Card?

Filling in the online ED card is mandatory for every tourist, foreign visitor or business traveler who stays on Curaçao for no more than 30 consecutive days and no more than 180 days per year. You must also enter your passport number during the completion process, so the ED Card will be registered with your name. 

Filling in the online ED card

After you have booked your flight, you must complete all required fields on the form. Keep in mind that you have to fill this in 24 hours before departure to Curaçao. Once you have completed the form, simply submit the form via the website. You can then save the completed form as a PDF and then print it. Do this because if something is not right in the system at customs, you can immediately show the printed version

Previously, you completed this form on a ticket during the flight. If you had to go through customs, you showed the card to customs and you can enter the country. Now this is all digitized and you will be through customs much faster! You can go through the e-gate where you have to put your passport in a scanner and then customs can read that you have entered it and immediately see if you are the correct person. 

Where can I enter the Online ED Card?

You can easily complete this online and the questions speak for themselves. Via the link: you arrive directly at the right page and you can select your language. You must then enter everything. Check everything well before you click send. Also check in advance what your address is of your housing because you have to enter that too. 

Did you enter everything? Great, then it's a matter of printing and on to the airport for your beautiful adventure on Curaçao! 

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