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Preparation costs Curaçao

Curacao airport

When you do an internship or work on Curaçao you always have to deal with preparation costs. We will tell you what to take into account, among other things.

You are leaving for Curaçao

It all starts, of course, with that one great vacancy and you need that as a basis to be able to leave for Curaçao. You can choose from two at CuraStage packages, namely the All-in-1 package and the Customized package. These costs for mediation are therefore more than worth it!

Costs for permit

After you have chosen your workplace, housing and transport, it is time to get started with your Verklaring van Rechtswege. In our packages you can directly choose that we request it for you. Apart from that you will also have to provide documents for this permit application. Some documents cost money that you have to pay to your municipality or to the government of Curaçao. You must take into account a cost item of € 350 - 400. This includes the fee for the permit application.

Flight Ticket & Passport

To go to Curaçao you of course need a plane ticket! In our blog about cheap airline tickets we have given a few tips for one cheap flight ticket. Keep in mind that you have to pay around € 600 for a return flight.

In addition to a flight ticket, you necessarily need a passport, otherwise you will not enter Curaçao. You can get a passport at your own municipality and the costs vary per municipality. On average, the costs of a passport are € 60.


When you go to work or do an internship on Curaçao, you naturally also want to be insured against accidents or damage to the belongings. Because of this, it is important to take out good insurance policies before you leave for Curacao. Keep in mind about € 20 in insurance costs!

Summer clothes!

Yes, shopping! Because the weather is always nice and warm on Curaçao, it is handy to bring enough summer clothing and those nice slippers of course. You can go wild in the Netherlands by shopping with summer clothes. Keep in mind that your internship can have clothing wear regulations, always inquire about this.

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