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Save Tips on Curaçao

Savings tips on Curacao

You may think that Curaçao is a cheaper country than European countries. Unfortunately, because life on Curaçao is a lot more expensive! You pay less VAT here, but the cost is just a lot higher. In this blog we want to give you a few saving tips during your stay in Curaçao so that you have more money left over for nice expenses. Are you curious what the costs on Curaçao are for it livelihood? We have also listed this for you. 

1- Go to local supermarkets! 

On Curaçao you have many supermarkets and also full of Dutch products. For example, you have an Albert Heijn here (it is called Van der Tweel here). The disadvantage of these supermarkets is that you completely empty when you have paid. A good saving tip for Curaçao is therefore visiting local supermarkets. The largest supermarket and also one of the cheapest supermarkets on Curacao is the Mangusa Hypermarket! This supermarket is really worth a visit.

2- Visit Happy Hours

Going out is part of your internship when you do an internship in Curaçao, but this can also be cheaper. Namely visiting Happy Hours! You then get two for the price of 1 or you get 1 for half the price. You always have a cheap drink and that is of course a bonus. Know when those good hours are and where? We have made an overview of the best Happy Hours for you on Curaçao.

3- Freeze your food or cook with several people

It can sometimes be difficult to cook a meal for yourself and then eat everything. So a good tip is to freeze the remaining food for the next time. Another option is to cook with your housemates, because that way you can cook exactly the amount and you often don't have to throw anything away. In addition, it is also extra cozy because you can eat together at the same time. Hoppa, two birds with one stone!

4- Visiting free beaches on Curaçao

One of the great saving tips for Curaçao is also this, visiting free beaches. On many beaches on Curaçao you have to pay for entrance or if you want a bed etc. There is nothing wrong with this because the money is used to keep the beaches clean. But if you want to live cheaply on Curaçao it is handy to visit free beaches. A few nice free beaches are Daaibooi Bay, Grote Knip, Kleine Knip and Playa Jeremy.

5- Cheap dining out

Okay, we can imagine that you don't feel like cooking every night and that you also want to eat out. Fortunately some places can be very cheap. You will then come to local eateries or truki pans along the way. The big advantage is that the food there is delicious and that you really go home with a full belly. So get in your car and go look for a tent on the street! 

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