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Student finance during your internship on Curaçao

Student finance internship in curacao

The moment you choose to do an internship or work on Curaçao for a few months, you will have to be aware of the costs. It is not cheap to arrange everything and the daily life here naturally also entails costs. To give a good estimate of the costs on Curaçao, we have created a handy blog about the living expenses on Curaçao. In this blog we will of course talk about something much nicer, namely student finance during your internship on Curaçao! 

Maintain study financing during internship on Curaçao

If you want to keep your student loan during your internship in Curaçao, you simply have to meet two conditions. You must remain registered as a full-time student in a Dutch course and your internship must be part of this course.

On the site of the DUO you still have several options where you may be entitled to a non-resident grant and you can receive extra money from DUO! It is always worthwhile to log in to your own account to see what else is in it for you. 

Public transport reimbursement during your internship on Curaçao

In addition to the student finance, you naturally also have your OV card. If you are doing an internship on Curaçao, you do not use your OV card and you also do not travel with this card. In short, the government is happy with you again because you do not cost anything in terms of public transport. Maaaar, you can probably ensure that you receive a public transport reimbursement during your internship on Curaçao. 

You are entitled to this public transport reimbursement if you again meet the same conditions as those for student finance. You can on this page simply read how to apply and then you can immediately download the form for the reimbursement! 

PAY ATTENTION: Stop your student travel product from the month that your public transport reimbursement commences. As long as you do not do this, you will not receive this reimbursement for this month either. 

Student finance on Curaçao

As you can read above, but also on the DUO website, you are therefore quickly entitled to extra allowances and you can keep your study financing! In addition, you also have a number of scholarships that you may be able to apply for. A very useful website has been created for which you can see exactly which scholarships are available for Curaçao? Wondering if there is something for you? Then view it quickly here!

Do you also want to do an internship on Curaçao? Great, register quickly with us for free and we will take care of that nice internship so that you will experience an unforgettable time. We arrange everything for you and the student finance and public transport reimbursement for during your internship on Curaçao is done in no time! 

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