Supermarkets on Curaçao

Supermarkets on Curacao

When you go to Curaçao to do an internship or work, you must of course also do your own shopping. Of course you have supermarkets on Curaçao and we have quite a few supermarkets where you can buy delicious products. These products mainly come from America, the Netherlands and Venezuela. In short, the choice here is also huge. 

Curaçao has very diverse supermarkets. For example, you have very large and very small supermarkets, more expensive and cheaper supermarkets, and of course western oriented, opposite supermarkets where mainly the locals come. The prices in the supermarket are higher than you are probably used to. This is due to the fact that all products have to be imported, which entails additional costs. 

Cheap shopping on Curaçao

To do cheap shopping, you have to do smart shopping. You have several supermarkets and if you have a little time you can shop cheaply. At one supermarket, product a is cheaper and at another supermarket, product b is cheaper. So you can enjoy a day on the road to collect all your groceries cheaply. Some will indicate that the “truck di pan” is cheaper than cooking. However, this is not the case if you do good shopping and, for example, freeze your food. If you do shopping with your housemates, for example, you are already completely cheap! 

Types of supermarkets on Curaçao

Since a few years there are even two Albert Heijns to be found. In the AH and with it many more western supermarkets, you will of course find many branded products. The layout of these shops is also more clear, because the local supermarkets are usually smaller and have very narrow aisles. The quality of the products is certainly not less in many cases, but it is simply different from what you are used to. You also have two Centrum supermarkets, this is a similar concept to the AH, but a lot cheaper!

Every supermarket has "packers", these are usually young boys and they deserve an extra gift by packing and lifting groceries. They will pack everything efficiently for you and take heavy groceries to your car for heavy groceries. These packers do not receive a standard wage but earn from the tip you give. Of course you are free to give what you want. 

Tips in the supermarket on Curaçao

Where things are normal for you, that is not the case on Curaçao, so you really have to pay attention to what you throw in your cart. Here are some useful tips:

• Pay close attention to the expiration date.

• AH has real "European" bread and Centrum delicious marinated meat.

• Shop at several supermarkets for cheap products

• Also buy B or C products

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