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Transportation on Curaçao

Transport on curacao

When you do an internship or work on Curaçao, you will have to travel to work. Curaçao is of course an island with the longest road of 66 KM, so that is very small compared to, for example, the Netherlands. However, in practice this is really different because you can nowhere faster than 80 km per hour and we have many more traffic lights and roundabouts. 

Public transportation on Curaçao

You have buses on Curaçao that can take you from point A to point B. It's just not as well organized as in Europe. You have signs here with "bus stop" and then you have to wait until a bus arrives and then the question is where the bus is going. You don't have any of those timetables here. You do have a central bus station in Otrobanda and all buses leave from here. 

You also have small buses on Curaçao and these are private buses. You can stop these vans everywhere to get in. So you don't necessarily have to go to a bus stop. The advantage of these vans is that they can also take you to a chosen point. The disadvantage of this is that when everyone does this the bus ride will be much longer!

The costs of public transport on Curaçao are not expensive compared to Europe. Calculate approximately 2 - 3 ANG per trip. 

Rent a car on Curaçao

Almost every student or young worker we help with CuraStage has a driver's license. Most of them therefore always choose to rent a car on Curaçao. This has to do with the fact that you do not have cycle paths on the island so everyone is on the motorway and that can sometimes be dangerous. Renting a car on Curaçao is the best means of transport because you can drive everywhere and you don't have to wait for a bus to arrive. 

The prices for renting a car for the longer term are around 1000 ANG per month. Then you have a good car with which you can safely tour the island. Curious about which cars you can choose from us? View our transportation options here

Rent a scooter on Curaçao

A possibility at CuraStage is also to rent a scooter on Curaçao. We really only recommend this if you don't have to drive too far to your internship or workplace. This is because there are no separate paths for cyclists or scooters. 

Of course you can choose to rent a scooter and then of course you will be cheaper than if you rent a car on Curaçao! For about 450 ANG per month you have a scooter and you can tour around on the island. Please note that when you rent a scooter you cannot go everywhere. 

All in all, we advise from CuraStage to always rent a car on Curaçao! If you do not have a driver's license, we would go for a scooter. 

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