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Help! Homesickness on Curaçao

Homesickness on Curacao

You may not be able to imagine it in advance, but it may happen that you get homesick at some point during your stay on Curaçao. There is of course nothing wrong with this, but it is very annoying for yourself. One is of course more sensitive to it than the other, but with the tips below it will soon get better! 

Tip 1: Farewell at the airport

You have probably been looking forward to it for a while, an internship or working in Curaçao. You are busy collecting things you want to take with you, etc. We call this fun phase the anticipation. To keep this anticipation as fun as possible, it is wise to arrange everything via CuraStage. That way you only have to deal with the fun things, like you packing suitcase. We'll take care of the rest for you! When the time comes, you have the choice, for example, to have a farewell party with friends and family. Think carefully about this because it may also be the case that it is ?loaded? and then you're just making it even more difficult for yourself. It is also important to think about who you want to take with you to the airport and do you want them to walk all the way inside? Sometimes a quick goodbye is easier to digest than a close hug and kiss from your parents. Do you look up to this or do you not know how best to approach this? Be sure to discuss it with your family and friends because they know you best and know what suits you. Of course only do what you want and not because the whole friends parade likes an outing airport. 

Tip 2: New housemates are nice

Then comes the moment that you have landed and that you are coming to your housing is being brought. Chances are that there are already roommates and they already know each other. This is of course very exciting but can also be super fun! Everyone already knows each other, but also knows a lot about Curaçao. They can take you along in tow and you will automatically get to know your housemates. Perhaps the most important: they have also experienced this! Everyone ends up in this situation and the housemates realize that when they see you too. Don't try to retreat to your room right away, but open up. It's also not a problem if you can't immediately remember the names of your roommates. Just laugh about it because yes after such a long flight and new environment nobody remembers everything! Give it one to two weeks and then you will know all your housemates and you will also be part of the group. 

Tip 3: Internship or work is less fun than expected

If you arrange your work or internship through CuraStage, this should not be possible in practice because we know the companies well and we have had enough contact time in advance. Have you arranged your internship or work for Curaçao yourself and it turns out to be disappointing in practice? Yes, that's bad luck. Think carefully about what you don't like and why. Is it your colleagues or are your tasks not fun? You can't change much about the first, but you can change something about the second, your tasks. Indicate to your supervisor or manager that you would like to do something else if possible. You can also have an honest conversation that you are not happy at work and why. Only when you indicate it and have a substantiation for it, the situation can change! 

Tip 4: Missing friends and family

Well this probably remains the most difficult because it cannot be solved immediately. But there are things that can reduce your nostalgia for home. Do you have a difficult moment? Then make a list of the reasons why you wanted do an internship or working on Curacao. This will remind you why you did this again. In addition, it is useful to think about when you will get homesick. Is this, for example, after a telephone conversation with the home front? Then it might be useful to reduce the number of contact moments with home. If something bad happens they will call you! 

One thing is certain, when you homesick on Curaçao then you romanticize your old life. Everything seems more fun and comfortable at that moment, but in practice this is not the case. Because when you're back home for a day everything is back to normal and that's exactly what you wanted to get away from. Go do fun things with the friends here on Curaçao. Organize a fun outing, go for a swim in the sea and grab a nice terrace. 

Tip 5: Homesick for Curaçao

Almost every student we have guided has been homesick for Curaçao once they have returned home. Our tip, get everything out of it because you probably only do this once in your life! To soothe the homesickness, view the beautiful photos you took during your internship or work period on Curaçao. Tell a lot about it and convince people of this unique challenge. 

With the above tips, the homesickness in Curaçao should really be manageable and you can safely come here. Try to enjoy every moment and are you homesick? Read this article again and get started with the tips! 

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