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Information about Curacao

Curacao information

In preparation for your internship or work on Curaçao, it is always useful to read up on the island. To help you a little with this, we have collected important information for you! 

The island of Curacao

The island has been an independent country within the kingdom of the Netherlands since October 10, 2010 when a majority of the population voted in favor of this independence in a referendum. Curaçao still receives support from the Netherlands, think of military support but also financial support. 

The language on Curaçao

On Curaçao they speak several languages, but the mother tongue is Papiamentu. This is a mix of 48 other languages. If you are going to do an internship or work on Curaçao, you can usually get by with Dutch, which is very easy. Some rooms still speak English or Spanish. 

Do you want to learn some Papiamentu words and sentences? We have a few important ones words and sentences selected for you!

Currency and exchange rate difference in Curaçao

You can leave your Euros at home when you come to Curaçao as you cannot pay with the Euro. Here you pay with Antillean Guldens, which are often abbreviated as ANG or Naf. You can also pay with US Dollars, but it will be converted to US dollars with a calculator. 

Do you want to know how much something costs in Europe when you are on Curaçao? Check it out via this site valuta.nl

Climate on Curaçao

You probably already knew this, but we have a tropical climate on the island. This means that it is actually always 30 degrees, even at night. Very pleasant so when you go out, you never have to bring a jacket! 

In addition to the fact that the weather is always nice, you do have a rainy season, which is from October to January. You have to take into account that it rains every now and then and often such a rain shower only lasts fifteen minutes. The advantage is that the temperature remains the same!

Because we have a warm climate, you also have more vermin. One of the favorites is the cockroach! You will certainly come across him. Don't panic, they don't do anything. 

Do you have any questions about Curaçao? Then take a look at our FAQ page or ask your question to us via the contact form!

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Not all accommodations on Curaçao have standard linen. That is why we offer this service. That saves a lot of space in your suitcase ;-) 

The linen consists of a pillow, bottom sheet and duvet cover. On Curaçao we do not sleep under blankets because of the heat. No towels are included. 

If you use our pick-up service, you will receive your linen directly at Hato, otherwise you can pick it up at our office.  


Calling each other on Curaçao is very expensive. That is why a local SIM card is definitely recommended. 

You put this SIM card in your phone, but you keep your normal WhatsApp number. This way you can call and app with the home front & friends via WhatsApp as you are used to.

You call each other on Curaçao at the local rate with your new local telephone number.

If you have a pick-up service, you will receive your SIM card directly at Hato, otherwise you can pick it up at our office.  

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