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Jo-anne: first week on Curaçao


Arrival Curacao

After a flight of 9 hours I arrived on warm Curaçao. You go through customs immediately after arrival, here you get a stamp and show all the necessary documents. After customs I had to wait a while for my bags and then I was picked up by Marrit from CuraStage. I was taken to the office to immediately pick up my rental car. Here I immediately got into the car to housing no. 10 on the website. When I arrived at my room I was met by the landlord. The whole living room was packed with all my roommates. So it was a warm welcome. I could immediately get to know everyone and they me. 

First days on Curaçao

The first day I lay on the beach at Mambo. Like many, I made the mistake of immediately sunbathing all day. I came home pretty burned from my first day at the beach. In the evening I went to the cinema with a few housemates. It can get quite cold in the cinema, so we went that way with long pants and a sweater. We went to the Magic Mike movie. The next day I went to Cas abou Beach with a few housemates. This is a very beautiful beach with white sand and clear blue water. Here I also had some rain for the first time. Fortunately, after 5 minutes of rain, the sun often came out again. We also had a nice lunch on the beach. We shared several snacks that we ordered from the bar. After the beach we got ready for my first night out. Tonight is JOY x Madero. Fortunately, I was asked before arrival if I wanted to come along and could have bought a ticket in time. It was completely sold out. The next morning started very quietly. My roommates all slept well. I still suffer from my jet lag so I was awake around 8 am. At the beginning of the afternoon we went out again with a few housemates. We went to Punda to watch the carnival children's parade. Carnival is celebrated on Curaçao in a big way, so the children were beautifully painted and wore beautiful costumes.

First day of internship at CuraStage

After I had the first few days off, it was time for my first day of training on Tuesday. I could sleep in a bit longer because I didn't have to start until 13.00. I am doing an internship at CuraStage and here I arrange everything related to doing an internship or working in Curaçao. I will be responsible for part of the current files. Tasks that I have to perform are arranging an internship / workplace, accommodation, transport and submitting the permit. Today I received a lot of information about the working method. I ended up in a very nice and cozy team, so this will probably be a fun internship!

After my internship I had a farewell dinner from someone from my house. We had dinner with almost the whole house at Plein café Wilhelmina. After dinner we watched series in the living room with the whole house. The atmosphere in the house is very good. This immediately makes me feel very comfortable.

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