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Places of interest on Curaçao

Sights on Curacao during internship

When you have finally arrived on Curaçao for your internship or work, you also want to spend your free time usefully! Visiting fun activities, beaches but also nice sights on Curaçao. But where should you really go? We have made a nice selection for you of sights on Curaçao that you can do during your internship or work! 

Chobolobo Landhouse

The Senior Co distillery is located in country house Chobolobo, where the famous Curaçao liqueur is produced. In particular, the blue variant, Blue Curaçao, is a well-known liqueur worldwide that is mainly used in cocktails. The country house is located in Saliña. When you go here you can choose to walk around without a tour guide or with a tour guide. The best thing is with a tour guide because it tells fun facts about the liqueur. You can of course buy various products here, including the liqueur itself. You have different flavors and with the tour you can also taste. This is a really nice sight during your internship or work on Curaçao. 

Hato caves

The caves of Hato are located on the north side of Curaçao, near the international airport. The nice thing is that the caves are quite big so you have a lot to see. Within these Hato Caves you can clearly see that Curaçao once lay below sea level. Many decades ago, Curaçao came to the surface. The caves have probably been inhabited by Ararwak Indians for several centuries after the beginning of our era. Petroglyphs are still visible today that are proof of this. For several years now, part of the caves can be visited with a guide. He explains everything about the stalagmites and stalactites in the caves, the way the caves were formed, the use of the caves and the past and present inhabitants. When you enter the park you also have the option of a nice walk through a garden where you see all kinds of beautiful plants and trees. A visit is definitely worth it if you are on Curaçao for an internship or work.  

Christoffel Park

The Christoffelberg is located in the west of the island. This mountain is 375 meters high and is therefore the highest point of Curaçao. A climb to the top is a popular excursion for active people. Once at the top you will be rewarded with a fantastic view over the island and the sparkling sea. The trip up takes about 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on your condition and speed. Please note: the tour does not only consist of walking, but also of scrambling. Want to know more about this? Check out our blog or it climbing the Christoffelmountain

Dolphins on Curacao 

Along the coast of Curaçao you have the chance to see dolphins swimming. If you are lucky they will come a bit closer to the coast and you can see them from the beach. If you want to be sure that you will see dolphins, you must visit the Sea Aquarium Park. Within the park you can see different training demonstrations. In addition to dolphins, you can also see sharks, stingrays, sea turtles and sea lions. For those who want interactivity with dolphins, there is the Dolphin Academy. For a fee you can swim with dolphins, dive with dolphins or even take a mini-course as assistant dolphin caretaker. 

The Shete Boka Nature Park

Do you want to see something of the nature and geology of Curaçao? Then a visit to this park is really worth it! You can enjoy a lovely walk here, but you can also enter the park with your car. You see the rugged north coast at its best. The sea crashes against the rock walls and this provides beautiful photo opportunities. If you have been here, you can certainly tell great stories during your internship or work on Curaçao! 

For us, the above sights are a must during your internship or work on Curaçao. But don't worry if you've visited them all because there are many more fun things to do on Curaçao! Don't want to miss it all and have a great time on Curaçao? Register with us for free and we will look for the best for you internship or workplace for you on Curaçao. 

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