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Internship Curaçao costs

What is the cost if you go doing an internship on Curaçao? A good question! Of course you want to prepare your internship in Curaçao as well as possible and know how you will end up financially. 

Outside of internship packages from CuraStage serve you with the following costs on Curaçao to take into account: 

Internship cost overview

The costs for an internship in Curaçao are usually about € 1,375 per month. An intern in Curaçao spends these costs on average on his or her fixed costs. This is of course a lot of money, but be aware that if you do not keep an eye on your expenses, it can be much higher. 

How is it possible that the costs are so high? That is simply because everything is so much fun in Curaçao! The Happy Hours, nice day trips, a boat trip to Klein Curaçao for example. In short, there is so much to do. 

Housing costs on Curacao

Unfortunately, you really can't go wrong with a number of things, such as, for example, that you have a housing on Curaçao Need.

At CuraStage we offer various accommodations, all Super cozy and above all safe, but the rental prices can sometimes differ.

A tip; also check whether G/W/L is included in the rent and if not, what the costs are per month. electricity & water is screaming expensive on Curaçao, so it is important that you know in advance what you have to pay for this. That way you won't be faced with unpleasant surprises. 

Average costs for your internship in Curaçao

Groceries € 150 300 ANG
Going out & eating out € 350 700 ANG
Dorm room € 375 750 ANG
G/W/L Student room € 50 100 ANG
Rental car € 375 750 ANG
Petrol rental car € 75 150 ANG
The total costs per month are: € 1375 2750 ANG
Dorm room € 375 until € 425 650 ANG until 850 ANG
Studio € 625 until € 700 1250 ANG until 1700 ANG
G/W/L max. €100 max. 100 ANG
View all here nice accommodations on CuraStage
Rental car € 375 until € 700 750 ANG until 1400 ANG
Scooter € 225 450 ANG
View all here nice rental cars and scooters on CuraStage
One-time mandatory fee to Curaçao € 263 525 ANG
Request a birth certificate from your municipality € 14
Request a VOG from your municipality € 39,95
*Guidance internship permit application € 140
**VOG application form € 24,95
* At the All-in-1 Internship Package the costs for applying for the permit by CuraStage are already included, only the mandatory fees have to be paid to the admission committee of Curaçao itself.

** If you have your license application Due to CuraStage, you do not have to pay the costs of € 24.95 to the Curacao house, which is another nice bonus!
Flight ticket “one-way ticket” average prices € 550 until € 1200
The cost of a plane ticket varies greatly on which day you are going to fly. So it really pays to delve into this before you reserve your ticket.

Costs before you come to Curaçao

During your preparation for your internship on Curaçao are you going against some cost that you must meet before you come to Curaçao.

For example, think of you airline ticket. As an intern on Curaçao you must be in possession of a return ticket when you arrive on Curaçao. The amount of a plane ticket varies per day. So pay attention when you book your ticket. Handy to view is our tips on “Book a flight to Curaçao“. 

In addition, you will have to make a deposit to get your dorm room and rental car to book definitively. In Curaçao it is customary to pay one month's rent + deposit of one month's rent as a down payment.


What are the costs for the mandatory internship permit, the so-called Declaration of Law?

If you want doing an internship on Curaçao, then you have a internship permit required. This internship permit is actually called “Legal Statement“, abbreviated to the VRW, which you then apply for with the reason that you are going to do an internship in Curaçao. 

Unfortunately, the Curaçao Admissions Committee a fee for this. The amount of this fee for a Legal Statement depends on the purpose of the application. In your case we are talking about “Internship” -> internship permit and the costs for this are ANG 525 / approximately € 262.50. 

At the All-in-1 Internship Package from CuraStage it is included that we will apply for this permit for you. This way you do not run the risk that your application will be rejected and that you will have to pay the mandatory fees again.

Of course you can also choose to apply for your permit yourself. Then choose it Compiling Internship Package. Here you can indicate which services you do or do not wish to use. 

Saving tips Internship Curaçao

How save you at your expense for your internship in Curaçao?

First of all, we recommend working with an established party such as ours, or a comparable party, that actually is located on Curaçao. This way you can be sure that all information is correct and that you do not pay unnecessary costs or waste time.

in addition groceries, make no mistake about how much you can save on your monthly groceries. A very popular store, Albert Heijn (also called Van der Tweel) on Curaçao, costs a fortune and really caters to the tourist on the island.

Instead, we recommend that you go to, for example, “Center” (this is the name of the supermarket) to go. This supermarket has two branches; in Mahaai and Piscadera, and has everything you would find in a Dutch supermarket. The prices are much cheaper than at the more well-known supermarkets.

Do you also want to do an internship on Curaçao?

then sign up without obligation at CuraStage! After we have received your registration, we will schedule a free Skype conversation. Here you can ask us all your questions.

Only then do you decide whether you want to look with us for a nice & suitable internship vacancy in Curaçao.

Public places on Curaçao

Jan Thiel, Mambo Beach, etc. all great fun places on Curaçao where you will certainly meet your fellow interns at the bar or on a sunbed at the stand. 

The only, but really the only one ;-), disadvantage is that the prices in these places are quite high. That is why it is certainly interesting to go to public beaches with, for example, your housemates. Armed with a well-stocked cool box, a music box, sun belt and you have a great day. But then a lot cheaper than having to buy the drink and not be allowed to take it with you. 

A nice tip! You can also BBQ on many public beaches. Can you picture it already? Delicious with your feet in the sand, a cold drink in your hand and the smell of a delicious piece of meat on the BBQ. Internship on Curaçao is not so annoying after all!  

On the Fun Curaçao website you can easily see on which beaches you can BBQ. 


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