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Doing an internship is part of many courses, but unfortunately not all courses allow you to do an internship abroad, unfortunately not for them. internship in Curacao. 

But if you are on the website of CuraStage are poking around, that probably means that an internship in Curaçao is in it for you, lucky!

At CuraStage you have come to the right place for your entire Curaçao internship, and everything that comes with it; internship vacancy, internship permit, transportation and housingto arrange properly. 

We have two packages available for your Curaçao internship. Namely a All-in-1 Internship Package, where everything is included and a Composition Internship Package. Here you can decide for yourself which services you wish to purchase from CuraStage around your Curaçao internship. 

Register without obligation for your internship Curaçao

do you want you internship on Curaçao going for a walk and are you looking for a reliable internship mediation agency on Curacao? then sign up without charge in at CuraStage.

As soon as your registration has been received, you will receive an invitation from us within one working day to free Skype call to schedule. In the Skype conversation we will discuss all the necessary steps for you internship on Curaçao, all your wishes and the requirements set by your education. 

Internship Curaçao, the procedure

We at CuraStage have a clear procedure which we use for the entire process surrounding your internship period on Curaçao.

Everything starts with your non-binding registration on our website. Here you are already making your internship wishes clear and we receive all the information we need to get started for you; looking for a nice internship vacancy on Curaçao!

But before we start with your internship procedure on Curaçao, we always have a digital meeting via Skype. In this we go through all the points with each other, what you can expect from us regarding your internship, housing, internship permit and / or transportation

CuraStage; the internship mediation agency for your internship Curaçao

CuraStage; for your internship Curaçao

CuraStage is a internship mediation agency that has been helping students from the Netherlands and Belgium with their internship in Curaçao since 2017.

Why would you want to to collaborate with an internship mediator, you might think? As the main reason we can indicate that everything on Curaçao is slightly different than you may be used to in the Netherlands.

With the personal & professional With the guidance of CuraStage, you are assured that your Curaçao internship will run smoothly. 

We are also available for all your questions, before and during your stay on Curaçao. You can submit this to us via the contact form or you simply send us a WhatsApp. 

Internship Curaçao » nice FAQ

Of course you also want to know what the costs are for your Curaçao internship. 

Do not freak out, on Curaçao most things are just a bit more expensive than in the Netherlands. As an example, water and electricity are about 7 times more expensive than in the Netherlands.

A monthly subscription at an average gym costs an average of € 75 (about 150 ANG – Guildens) 

Curaçao is not a self-sufficient island, which means that we Products for the supermarket import from other countries. So all these products have to be transported by plane or boat and also think about the refrigerated products and import duties.

All this means that the products are on average more expensive on Curaçao than in the Netherlands. 

look at here what the costs are for a student room and transport on Curaçao. 

We always compare Curaçao with a large city such as Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Here you also have neighborhoods where it is better not to go and here you do not walk alone on the street in the evening.

In addition, as a child you are already taught that you should not get in the car with complete strangers, why then do it on Curaçao?

Stage Curaçao sounds great of course and it really is! If you pay attention and you common sense used there is no reason not to enjoy a wonderful life on Curaçao! 'Chilling on the Antilles' with pearly white beaches and a clear blue sea: they are clichés but you definitely experience it. 

Out together,… cozy at home together!

Knowing more? Check out our Blog article about “Internship on Curaçao dangerous?”


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