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Internship teaching assistant Curaçao

Are you a teaching assistant in training and do you want to do an internship as a teaching assistant on the warm Curaçao† You are in the right place here. CuraStage helps you find a nice internship as a teaching assistant on Curaçao.

Register without obligation at CuraStage, so we receive all the information we need from you to find a nice internship as a teaching assistant. If you want more information about our internship vacancies in the Education, check out our internship page.

To properly arrange your internship as a teaching assistant, we offer two packages. The first package is it All-in-1 Internship Package† CuraStage arranges everything for you, including, housing and your transportation on the island. At the Composition Internship Package you choose which services we can help you with.

What happens after you have registered yourself as an intern teaching assistant on Curacao?

At CuraStage you can without charge register for an internship as a teaching assistant in Curaçao. We will always contact you within one working day to free Skype call to schedule when we have received your registration. Our conversation will last about 15 minutes. We will first discuss your wishes and requirements from your study programme, after which we will discuss what the next steps should be to find a suitable internship for you.

When everything is clear to you, we will draw up a profile of you. We base this on your CV, the information from your registration and our Skype conversation. With this information we will look for a nice internship for you.

This is why students choose CuraStage

Your internship as a teaching assistant

During your internship on Curacao you will find out that you get a lot of responsibility at a school on Curacao. More than, for example, at a school in the Netherlands. You will of course receive good guidance, but you are also expected to quickly find your way in the school system. This responsibility makes your internship on Curaçao very instructive.

School times on Curaçao

The times of your internship as a teaching assistant will differ per school. But at all schools you will have to start early. The school times on Curaçao are different, this is due to the tropical climate that Curaçao has.

Your days will start earlier, usually between 7am and 8am and end around 2pm. That is very early, but this gives you free time every afternoon to enjoy the sun on beautiful Curaçao.

Schools on Curaçao

There are many different schools on Curaçao. There are schools with Papiamento as the medium of instruction, but also schools with Dutch as the medium of instruction. There are also private schools with Dutch as the language of instruction, and an international school here, classes are taught in English.

Need more information?

We understand very well that you run into questions when arranging and looking for an internship. By registering without obligation, we can answer your questions during our Skype conversation. If you are looking for answers in the meantime, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.


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