Internship on Curaçao

Do you want to do an internship on Curaçao? CuraStage takes care of it and finds you a appropriate And especially nice internship!

Outside of internship vacancies On our website, we also arrange tailor-made internships. In addition to your training requirements, we take your personal wishes and preferences into account.

You can choose from the “All-in-1” internship package, or you couple your own internship package together based on your wishes. 

Internship on Curaçao? Register without obligation!

do you want to go doing an internship on Curaçao and are you interested in our services? then sign up without charge in at CuraStage.

After receiving your registration, we will always contact you within one working day free Teams Meeting to schedule. In this we already discuss your wishes, any questions and the necessary steps for your internship period on Curaçao

Procedure for internship Curaçao

Before you register with CuraStage to do an internship in Curaçao, you are probably curious about our internship packages & rates.

We use a clear procedure where you know exactly where you are in the process.

You are also welcome for a non-binding appointment via Team Meeting. View our internship packages, discover our extra service and dream away with an internship on Curaçao!

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Why do an internship on Curaçao via CuraStage?

Nice question! We at CuraStage are a close-knit team who really enjoy helping interns have a great internship in Curaçao. 

There are always many issues involved in an internship abroad and these must be properly arranged. In addition to your internship, think of a safe & cozy one housing, trustworthy transportation, insurance and in addition you are obliged (from Curaçao) to have a internship permit required. 

In short, a few points of attention with which we are very happy to be of service to you. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time via us contact form or send us a WhatsApp. 

FAQ about Internship on Curaçao

Doing an internship on Curacao has a number of advantages…

Of course it lovely climate, the beautiful beaches and the friendly, Dutch-speaking population

But did you know that an internship in Curaçao also looks great on your CV? Is it good for your development? 

Check out our 5 reasons where you should do an internship in Curaçao. 

If you are going to do an internship on Curaçao, it is important to arrange a number of things properly:

  • Internship with internship agreement
  • Housing / student house
  • Transport: rental car or scooter
  • Mandatory internship permit (VRW)

But also think of you student grants and you health insurance. In order not to forget anything, we have the most important things here listed for you. 

After a long wait…. it's time! On to Curaçao because your internship is about to start 

But what are you taking with you? The most important thing is your documents, including your internship agreement, internship permit (or proof of application) and that you know the address of your accommodation. 

Make sure you have all this printed out with you when you fly to Curaçao. It differs enormously each time, but customs can ask for it and if you cannot show the documents, there is a chance that you will not enter Curaçao. Hopi important. 

Check out our full checklist for Curaçao here

As CuraStage, we absolutely dare to say that a internship in Curaçao not dangerous is. 

Curaçao can be compared to a large city in the Netherlands, such as Amsterdam. There are also a few neighborhoods where you, as an intern, would rather not walk alone (in the evening) 😉 Of course this also applies to Curaçao. 

For the most part, safety is really in your own hands. Don't go with complete strangers, TOGETHER from TOGETHER At home. Just like in the Netherlands, use your common sense. 

If you are still in doubt about safety on Curacao, check us out info article about that or take contact Contact us for any questions you may have.


Not all accommodations on Curaçao have standard linen available. That is why we offer this service. That saves a lot of space in your suitcase ;-) 

The linen consists of a pillow, bottom sheet and duvet cover. On Curaçao we do not sleep under blankets because of the heat. There are no towels. 

If you use our pick-up service, you will receive your linen directly at Hato, otherwise you can pick it up at our office.  


Calling each other on Curaçao is very expensive. That is why a local SIM card is definitely recommended. 

You put this SIM card in your phone, but you keep your normal WhatsApp number. This way you can call and app with the home front & friends via WhatsApp as you are used to.

You can then call each other on Curaçao at a local rate with your new local telephone number.

If you have a pick-up service, you will receive your SIM card directly at Hato, otherwise you can pick it up at our office.