Supermarkets on Curaçao 3 (2)

Supermarkets on Curacao

When you go to Curaçao to do an internship or work, you also have to do your own shopping. Of course you have supermarkets on Curaçao and we have quite a lot of supermarkets where you can buy delicious products. These products mainly come from America, the Netherlands and Venezuela. In short, the choice is also huge here. Curaçao has […]

Student finance during your internship on Curaçao 5 (2)

Student finance internship in curacao

The moment you choose to do an internship or work in Curaçao for a few months, you will have to be aware of the costs. It is not cheap to arrange everything and of course daily life here also entails costs. To give a good estimate of […]

Save Tips on Curaçao 5 (12)

Savings tips on Curacao

You may think that Curaçao is a cheaper country than European countries. Unfortunately, because life on Curaçao is a lot more expensive! You pay less VAT here, but the cost is just a lot higher. In this blog we want to give you a few saving tips during your stay in Curaçao so that you can spend more […]

Restaurants in Curacao 5 (1)

Eating out on Curacao

One of our favorite blogs is of course a food blog! Who wouldn't be happy about that, at least we are. In this blog we take you to some super nice places to eat. Of course, we do take a lower budget into account when making the selection. Plein Café Wilhelmina If you […]

Cost of living on Curaçao 4.8 (4)

Costs living on Curacao

When you think of Curaçao you may not think of the same prices as the Netherlands or more expensive. In this blog we give you insight into the prices of daily life on Curaçao! Shopping on Curaçao One of the best things abroad is going to the supermarket, we think. You discover new products […]