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Driving on Curacao

A car is super handy to discover beautiful Curaçao! Because walking or cycling is unfortunately not very safe… Let alone at night. But luckily a car is easily arranged and you can hit the road in no time! There are just a few things (practically a whole laundry list) that you have to take into account […]

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Internship on curacao blog 2

Dear readers, Last weekend was another one for the books! Carnival, beaches and watching the sunset on the Westpunt of the island, it was all a big party! Lovely beach day We started last Saturday with a trip to a beach called Cas Abou. This was the very first non-commercial beach for me! And […]

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Blog 1 Internship on Curacao Chantal

Bon Bini! By now I have been on the sunny island of Curaçao for almost three weeks! In these weeks I found out that the world here is just a bit different than in the Netherlands! The locals do speak a little Dutch here, but mainly Papiamento and this seems a lot […]