Student finance during your internship on Curaçao 5 (2)

Student finance internship in curacao

The moment you choose to do an internship or work in Curaçao for a few months, you will have to be aware of the costs. It is not cheap to arrange everything and of course daily life here also entails costs. To give a good estimate of […]

Online ED Card Curaçao 3.8 (4)

ED Card curacao

ONLINE ED CARD In addition to applying for a Legal Statement, you must also complete the so-called Online ED Card. In this blog we explain what it means, why you should fill it in and where you can fill it in. We can already inform you that it is super important to do and […]

Packing checklist for Curaçao 5 (2)

Packing checklist for Curaçao

If you are going to do an internship on Curaçao or you come to the island to work, you will also have to think about what you are going to take with you in the suitcase. This can still be a challenge! Will you stay under the kilos or will you choose to pay for being overweight? We have […]

Preparation costs Curaçao 5 (3)

Curacao airport

When you do an internship or work on Curaçao, you always have to deal with preparation costs. We tell you what you should take into account, among other things. Your departure to Curaçao It all starts with that one nice vacancy and you need that as a basis to be able to leave for Curaçao. You can […]

Book a plane ticket to Curacao 5 (3)

Cheap airline tickets Curacao

When you go to Curaçao you need a plane ticket. Or you have to be very creative with the boat, but normally everyone arrives on Curaçao by plane. But when is the best time to book? Cheap airline tickets to Curaçao Unfortunately, it does not always work to wait for a Last Minute […]

Arranging insurance Curaçao 5 (1)

Curacao viewpoint

Are you going to do an internship, work or volunteer in Curaçao soon? Super fun of course! Of course things have to be arranged and one of the most important things is your insurance. In this article we will tell you what you need to arrange in terms of insurance for when you go to Curaçao. Your health insurance When you […]