Amstel Bright beer 5 (2)

Amstel Bright beer

We can hear you thinking, a blog about beer? Yes, because this is a topic that it is very useful to know more about. When you have taken this knowledge, you can start conversations with people under the guise of a delicious Bright beer. What is Amstel Bright beer? An […]

5 reasons why work in Curaçao 5 (2)

5 reasons to work on Curacao

Every year many people come to Curaçao for that unique dream job under the sun. And yes, you can do this too! Perhaps you are taking a gap year from your studies or you have just finished studying and you want to work under the sun. Are you still doubting whether you want to work on […]

Also looking for housing on Curaçao? 5 (24)

Curacao accommodation

As you have probably already seen, we at CuraStage are committed every day to help people who do an internship in Curaçao during this period. One of the things we can help you with as a student is finding the right housing on Curaçao. Chances are […]

Curacao Housing 4.5 (2)

Student house Curacao

If you are going to do an internship or work on Curaçao, you should of course also stay somewhere! An advantage of Curaçao is that you have plenty of choice for a housing that you like. Student house as housing? Many young people who come to work or do an internship on Curaçao choose a student house/villa. This form of housing is of course […]

Transportation in Curaçao 5 (2)

Transport on curacao

When you do an internship or work in Curaçao, you will have to travel to work. Curaçao is of course an island with the longest road of 66 KM, so that is very small compared to, for example, the Netherlands. However, in practice this is really different because you are not allowed to go faster than 80 […]

Arranging insurance Curaçao 5 (1)

Curacao viewpoint

Are you going to do an internship, work or volunteer in Curaçao soon? Super fun of course! Of course things have to be arranged and one of the most important things is your insurance. In this article we will tell you what you need to arrange in terms of insurance for when you go to Curaçao. Your health insurance When you […]