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Permit for Curaçao (VRW)

Although Curaçao belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, you will still need a permit to be able to stay and work here.

They also call this the Verklaring van Rechtswege or the Tewerkstellingsvergunning if you are going to work as a volunteer or as an employee.

To get this permit, you have to collect quite a bit of paperwork and then submit the application digitally.

There is a special website for this where you can apply for your permit. Do not panic! We can also do this for you and that can be very easy because we have already done this for many people.

In this case you have two types of Declarations by operation of law that we can request for you, namely for an internship and for working / volunteer.

Internship permit

When you do an internship on Curaçao you also need a Verklaring van Rechtswege. You can request this for the exact duration of your internship. With this internship permit you can legally do an internship on Curaçao, which is really nice. The internship company is then also insured for you. So if you come for an internship for 1 month, you still need this internship permit.

We at CuraStage know all about the laws and regulations regarding this Verklaring van Rechtswege, so you are in good hands with us! We can apply for this internship permit for you so that you don't have to figure out how it all works.

Work permit

Working and living on Curaçao who doesn't dream of that!

In addition to the fact that it is of course very nice to have fun in advance, something very important must also be arranged, namely an Tewerkstellingsvergunning. You need this work permit the moment you start working for an employer and therefore earn wages.

With this Tewerkstellingsvergunning you demonstrate that you can provide for your own living facilities and therefore will not appeal to the government for money.

For this work permit you also need papers from your employer, a so-called employer statement. If you have your work permit applied for by CuraStage, we will help you so that you do not make any mistakes with this paperwork.

Volunteer work

Are you going to do volunteer work? For you it also applies that you need an Tewerkstellingsvergunning because the government also wants to know if you earn / own enough money to provide for your own life needs.

With the final work permit you can possibly register yourself on Curaçao!

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