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Our procedure

At CuraStage you always know exactly where you stand and which steps are still to follow!

You register without any obligation on the CuraStage website and then there is always a Skype conversation before we start work. 

For the start of our work, we always use a small deposit for internship and volunteer packages of € 55,- and the remainder is based on No Cure No Pay!

This means that you only have to pay the remainder when we have found a suitable vacancy for you. For work packages we use a deposit of 50% of the chosen package. 

  • Internship Curacao

    Register without obligation

    Of course, the whole adventure starts with a free & non-binding registration via our registration form.

    Here you indicate what you would like and what you are looking for.

  • Skype conversation

    We will always contact you within one working day to schedule a Skype appointment.

    During this meeting we will discuss your wishes and which steps are needed for your period on Curaçao.

  • We will search

    If you want us to start working for you after the Skype conversation, you will receive a down payment invoice from us for the start of our work. 

    Once we have received this deposit, we will draw up a profile of you and immediately start looking for a suitable, super fun vacancy for you!

  • Vacancy found

    If we have found a vacancy, we will inform you about this so that you can possibly discuss this with your school when you do an internship.

    Are you happy with it? Then we will inform the company that you will be their new employee or intern!

  • Pay the invoice

    When your vacancy has been arranged, you will receive an invoice from us for the package that you have chosen or put together.

    Payment completed? Let’s continue! 

  • Housing and transportation

    Now we will look together where you will live during your stay on Curaçao and with which transportation you can go from A to B.

    You can indicate here what you prefer and we will then see if this is possible.

  • Sign rental contract

    For your accommodation you will have to sign a lease and we will of course bring you in touch with the landlord so that this can be arranged.

    The contract for your transportation is often done when you are on Curaçao.

  • Collecting documents

    Now it is time to get started with your permit, the so-called Declaration of Law (VRW), insurance and possibly book a ticket if you have not already done so.

    We can advise you well about travel insurance and airline tickets.

    Have you chosen to apply for your permit? Then we will now start requesting the correct documents!

  • The preparation

    Of course you also have to enjoy the fact that you are going to Curaçao!

    Would you like to know in advance what you can do? Then take a look at our Information & Blog environment on our website.

  • Pack and go

    We will contact you before departure and you will receive a handy checklist from us.

    Everything has now been arranged and it is now important that you pack your bags. Don't forget to take all important documents with you and put them in your hand luggage.

  • CuraStage pick up service

    If you have landed and you have opted for our transfer service, we will pick you up at Curaçao airport and bring you to your accommodation.

    If you have opted for extra services such as a SIM card or, for example, a Bedding package, you will receive this directly from us upon arrival.

  • Procedure internship on Curacao

    Rise and shine!

    The process has been completed and you can now fully enjoy the sun, sea, beach and work on Curaçao.

    If you need advice or questions during your stay on Curaçao, you can always contact us!

Register without obligation!

Are you interested in our services? then sign up without charge at CuraStage. After receiving your registration, we will contact you to schedule a Skype call. In this we discuss all your wishes, any questions and the necessary steps for your stay on Curaçao. 


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