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Social Media internship on Curaçao

Do you like to keep yourself busy with Social Media? Are you creative and full of ideas for fun content? Then one internship Social Media on Curaçao really something for you!

On Curaçao you have several options to do an educational and especially fun Social Media internship. Would you like to maintain and develop Social Media for the largest beach clubs or companies on Curaçao? Register quickly via our website.

Registering on the website is completely voluntary. Via the system you can immediately book a day and time of your choice initial interview schedule. During this meeting we will explain our working method and all your questions will be answered.

To come to Curaçao carefree, you can sign up for the All-in-1 Internship Package. In addition to finding an internship, your accommodation, transport, permit application and transfer will be arranged. 

Why do an internship on Curaçao?

In addition to entering a fun and educational internship period, doing an internship on Curaçao is of course also a great adventure. You can develop yourself and enjoy all the beauty the island has to offer in your free time. After your internship, enjoy a drink or cocktail at the happy hours and I'll go to the best parties at Madero and Zanzibar during the weekend.

Do you want something other than a party? Grab the car or scooter and drive to the most beautiful natural beach Curaçao has to offer and enjoy the clear blue water and the beautiful light beaches.

What do you do during a Social Media internship?

As a Social Media intern, you contribute to the creation of content for various channels. This means that you will, among other things, be involved in creating fun and attractive content and come up with different inhakers that will bring more traffic to the channels.

You are the one who contacts (potential) customers and maintains this through the Social Media channels. You keep a close eye on the latest trend and know exactly how to respond to it by implementing various Social Media strategies.

How do I find an internship in Curaçao?

Of course it all sounds very nice a social media internship on Curaçao, but you have to find the internship. To increase your chances of winning that great internship, simply call in CuraStage! We will look for that place for you where you can do an internship. 

Are you curious about what kind of vacancies there are in any case? Click on the link below and filter by category.

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Social Media internship on Curaçao

Every company nowadays uses Social Media and so do the companies in Curaçao. You ensure that a company is put on the map but also remains in people's memories. As a company you want to have more customers to show people what the company is doing. 

You can take care of this! With a great social media internship on Curaçao you can make a difference for a company. Increase turnover but also increase the customer base. How about more information about the services and products to be provided? 

Being creative!

Now that social media is getting bigger and bigger by adding a TikTok channel, for example, you will have to be a bit creative. 

Creating content does not only consist of writing posts for Facebook, but also making videos about Curaçao and the company where you do your internship. Of course you need creativity to write film scripts? 

Question and answer

The main reason is of course because you can create content here under the sun! 

Flying outside in the open air or making creative videos for Social Media is not what you want. In addition, companies sometimes lag behind in the field of Social Media, so you can still achieve a lot within a short period of time. 

Setting up a new channel from A to Z? You still have that chance here on the island, so don't let him go and come and do an internship on Curaçao.

For an internship on Curaçao, in addition to your personal requirements, you should always discuss with your internship company what you need to bring with you. 

Think of company clothing, but also, for example, a laptop. Some companies work at different locations, so it can be useful to have your own laptop. Or do you have to edit films for Social Media and do you have a top program for this? Take it with you!

So always discuss with your internship company what you can take with you that will be of use to you. 

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Not all accommodations on Curaçao have standard linen. That is why we offer this service. That saves a lot of space in your suitcase ;-) 

The linen consists of a pillow, bottom sheet and duvet cover. On Curaçao we do not sleep under blankets because of the heat. No towels are included. 

If you use our pick-up service, you will receive your linen directly at Hato, otherwise you can pick it up at our office.  


Calling each other on Curaçao is very expensive. That is why a local SIM card is definitely recommended. 

You put this SIM card in your phone, but you keep your normal WhatsApp number. This way you can call and app with the home front & friends via WhatsApp as you are used to.

You call each other on Curaçao at the local rate with your new local telephone number.

If you have a pick-up service, you will receive your SIM card directly at Hato, otherwise you can pick it up at our office.  

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