• Internship
  • Willemstad, Curacao
  • Please note USD / Year
  • Minimale duur: 3 months
  • Niveau: MBO, HBO

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CuraStage - the internship agency on Curaçao

Wil jij ervaring opdoen in de keuken maar dan in een ander land? Op Curaçao hebben we een super leerzame stageplaats in een bekend restaurant!

What are you going to do?

As an intern Cook you work with our kitchen team.

The following duties/activities are part of the position:

  • You prepare dishes according to recipe and schedule
  • Works according to HACCP
  • Preparatory work, such as washing, cutting ingredients, (pre)cooking, mixing, stirring, etc.
  • Je beoordeelt de te gebruiken ingrediënten op versheid, houdbaarheid, etc.
  • Portioning and garnishing, according to established instruction regarding ingredients, recipe and working methods
  • Carrying out the preparations, monitoring/checking the quality, doneness, taste, colour, fluidity, etc. and carrying out adjustments/additional dosages
  • Of course, cleaning the work environment and kitchen equipment is part of the function
  • Other common activities may include: assisting with the receipt and storage of delivered items and other activities on behalf of the supervisor

What are the demands?

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