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Work experience Curaçao

Would you work experience up, and would you like to put that on Curaçao to do? Then you are on the right website. CuraStage helps you find a nice workplace on Curaçao.

Would you like more information about options to work in Curaçao during your gap year? then sign up without charge at CuraStage. By registering, we receive enough information to find you a nice workplace in Curaçao.

In order to be of service to you, we offer two different work packages. Namely, the All-in-1 Work Package, and the Compilation Work Package. At the All-in-1 Work Packageeverything is arranged for you, housing, transportation and the obligatory work permit† At the Composition Work Package you get the choice with which things we can help you.

More information about gaining work experience on Curaçao?

At CuraStage you can without charge signing up. When we have received your registration, we will contact you within one working day to free Skype call to schedule. Our conversation will last about fifteen minutes. During the meeting we will discuss your wishes, and what the options are for accommodation and transport.
As soon as everything is clear to you, we will get started with all the information we have received. We will use this to search all our contacts to find a nice workplace for you.

This is why job seekers choose CuraStage:

What will you learn on Curaçao?

Besides the fact that gaining work experience on Curaçao is great fun, it is also very educational. You will learn a lot about different cultures. About 110 different cultures live on Curaçao. A number of these population groups are Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese and Surinamese. There are also many other young workers and interns around, so it will certainly be fun!

Working in Curaçao also looks great on your CV, it shows that you like a challenge. You will develop a lot on Curaçao, because you leave your familiar environment and get to know new people.

Living on Curaçao

Curaçao is certainly not a cheap island, this is because everything has to be imported. Living expenses are expensive and wages are relatively low. The wage you will earn on Curaçao is about half of what you would earn in the Netherlands. There are plenty of ways to save money, curious which one? Then take a look at “Save Tips on Curaçao”.

In which sector do you want to work?

We are always looking for enthusiastic job seekers, especially in the catering industry, but we also have more than enough places in other sectors. If you already have a preference for a certain sector, let us know during our conversation.

If you really don't know yet, that's okay. Then, during our conversation, we will try to find out together what suits you and what a suitable workplace is for you.

To our internship page there are many different vacancies. When you register you can give us a preference for a specific vacancy. Don't be alarmed if you don't see anything on our website that you like, then we will look for a nice workplace in Curaçao especially for you.

Do you have questions? Subscribe!

We understand very well that you have questions about working in Curaçao. We recommend that you take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page. Perhaps some of your questions will already be answered. If you register without obligation, we can answer the rest of your questions during our conversation.

Did you know that you get nice discounts if you work on Curaçao through CuraStage?


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