Workplace on Curaçao

Do you want to come working on Curaçao for a longer period? CuraStage will help you find a nice workplace on sunny Curaçao.

If you want more information about working in Curaçao, write to us without obligation in. When you register, we will receive enough information to find you a nice workplace in Curaçao.

To help you properly arrange a workplace in Curaçao, we offer two packages. The first package is it All-in-1 Work Package, CuraStage takes care of everything for you, from housing, until transportation and a work permit† At the Composition Work Package you decide for yourself what we can help you with.

Working on Curaçao how does it work?

At CuraStage you can without charge sign up, we will contact you within one working day. Together we will make a free Skype call schedule to discuss everything. Our conversation will last about fifteen minutes. During our conversation we will talk about the sector in which you want to work, your wishes for housing, and the possibilities that are available.

After our conversation, we will draw up a profile of you, with which we will visit all our contacts to find a nice workplace for you in Curaçao.

Job seekers choose CuraStage because

Where do you want to work on Curaçao?

Do you already have any idea in which sector you would like to work? Indicate this during our conversation, and we will look for you specifically! If you don't know yet, don't worry, we'll see what suits you during our conversation.

To our internship page There are many vacancies in different sectors, if you don't see anything here that you like, don't be alarmed! Then we from CuraStage will look for a nice workplace especially for you!

Wage on Curaçao

It is useful to know that the wages in Curaçao are on average about half of the wages in the Netherlands. The average hourly wage is about 10 ANG, which equates to about €5 per hour. The costs of fixed costs are approximately the same as in the Netherlands. 

Do you want to know more about the cost of living in Curaçao, read more about it here “Cost of living on Curaçao”.

Working in the hospitality industry on curacao

Cultural differences

Working on Curaçao is an incredibly fun, but above all, educational experience. You will have to deal with other cultures. You might think that the difference between the Netherlands and Curaçao is not that big because even Dutch is spoken here, but the culture is very different. On Curaçao there is a poko poko mentality, everything is calm here and nobody is in a hurry. It is different in the Netherlands, where everyone is in a hurry and everything has to be done as quickly as possible.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about working on Curaçao, sign up! During our conversation we will try to answer all your questions. In the meantime, you can take a look at our frequently asked questions, perhaps your questions will already be partly answered.


Not all accommodations on Curaçao have standard linen available. That is why we offer this service. That saves a lot of space in your suitcase ;-) 

The linen consists of a pillow, bottom sheet and duvet cover. On Curaçao we do not sleep under blankets because of the heat. There are no towels. 

If you use our pick-up service, you will receive your linen directly at Hato, otherwise you can pick it up at our office.  


Calling each other on Curaçao is very expensive. That is why a local SIM card is definitely recommended. 

You put this SIM card in your phone, but you keep your normal WhatsApp number. This way you can call and app with the home front & friends via WhatsApp as you are used to.

You can then call each other on Curaçao at a local rate with your new local telephone number.

If you have a pick-up service, you will receive your SIM card directly at Hato, otherwise you can pick it up at our office.